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Morten Tillitz is born in 1965. Han grew up in Avedøre Stationsby and Tønder. He is educated from the Academy of Jutland and the Academy in Kiel, Germany.

Tillitz’s works consist of plaster, paper and watercolor. He uses plaster plates (commonly known as a construction material) from which creates twisted and peculiar spaces, platforms and shelves ”into” which he paints figures of different sorts. The figures are depicted with a color chart across their faces, which partly or completely anonymize them at the same time as one senses an expansion of different states of minds. The difference between the real and the representation of the real is either a wishful thinking or an indeterminable factor whose presence is just there.

Steinunn Helga Sigurdardóttir is born in 1960. She grew up in Vik Myrdal in Iceland. She is educated at the Academy in Iceland and in Düsseldorf where she attended Jannis Kounellis’ school. Sigurdardóttir has lived and worked in Denmark since 1993.

Sigurdardóttir works with drawings and sculpture. Her new works mark a change of direction compared to her earlier minimalistic installations concerned with the question of time and the social. The works spring from the figurative, multi-colored, spiritual and feminine and are also concerned with the conditions of the working process. The works are not just feminine and cute. They are more than that or rather too much. Sigurdardóttir deliberately searches for the sickening, sugary and intrusive on the border of dyspnoea and claustrophobia. But after looking at the works for a while an ambiguity surfaces and you surrender. The innocent and romantic come alive together with the enigmatic and spiritual.

Tillitz and Sigurdardóttir have worked together on different occasions among them ”Camp Lejre” in 2001. They entitle this artistic joint venture ”Kirke Sonnerup no.1”.

Kirke Sonnerup Gallery is open Saturday 12-16 and by appointment (call 46492670 or 29267433).

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