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18 photographs of  dandelions from my garden.
9 texts about the very different use of dandelions.
A metal tray with small plastic bag each containing a dandelion seed.
The spectator is invited to take one with her/him.

In Iceland dandelions are considered to be a very useful plant where as in many countries they
Are regarded as a weed.

Dandilion roots can be boiled in milk, according to Björn Halldórsson,
or they can be dried and ground for bread. In other contries peopl make a
coffee substitute from dried, roasted and ground dandilion roots and
nowadays that is an expensive commodity.
As a medicinan herb, dandilions are known for cleansing the liver, both the
root and the leaves. Many people reccomend eating dandilions when fasting
to cleanse the body. In springtime some find it a good cure for rheumatism
to chop daily one or two small plants, both the root and the leaves, put
them in a cupful of boiling water and infuse for 15 minutes. Drink 1/2 a
cup of the infusion morning and night for eight weeks. This is a very good
idea for people who have got dandilions in their kitchen garden and have to
weed out small plants. You can also pick small dandilions, chop them and
fry in oil or butter and sprinkle with soysauce and some cream.

Dandilion flowers can be eaten like most other flowers. You can either
sprinkle a few yellow petals over the salad or take the entire flower,
remove most of the green flowerbottom, dip into batter and deep-fry in oil.
You can make the dough by stirring flour into some beer, preferably a bit
flat so it doesn\'t foam. You can also stir the flour with milk and even add
eggs, just like when you are making batter for pancakes.

Anemia: 10 to 30 drops of extract mixed into a glass of juice or water.
Once per day.

\"When you notice the dandilions in the spring, ¨
then it\'s too late to usethem in a salad,\" according to an old English saying
The leaves are least bitter in the spring before the plant flowers ,
but it\'s only when the yellow blossoms smile towards the
sun that we really notice them.Dandilions leaves are eaten raw in a salad
or cooked in soups and other courses. The stalk is more bitter than the
leaves and if there is time, the roughest part of it can be removed.
This also goes for lettuce and other greens. You can soak the leaves
in water for a few minutes before they are put into the saucepan.
That reduces the bitterness, but probably also some
of the energy.

it\'s good to gather four dandilion stalks with
flowers, reamove the heads and eat them from the top down. Then they are
very sweet, wholesome and exciting.)

In his Book of Travels from the middle of the 18th. century, Eggert
Ólafsson says that people in Rangárvallasýsla dig up dandilion roots in the
springtime, grill them and eat with butter. There are many references to
the eating of dandilion roots, for instance chopped and boiled in whey or
milk mixed with water, and was considerd a good cure for scurvy in the
famine called \"móðuharðindi\". The wealthy used dandilions in salad in the

century. (Eggert Ólafsson Ferðabók II, 206. Eggert Ólafsson. Stutt
agrip, 95. Halldóra Bjarnadóttir. Íslenskar ætijurtir, 39.)

Brew as coffee the dried, roasted and ground root. Drink to promote psychic
If the brew is left by the bed, you will have prophectic dreams.

Dandilion milk is a good cure for warts, I tried it as a kid and it works
like a charm.

Pick a white dandilion puff on the night of the full moon.  Charge the
dandilion with a wish, call to the four quarters, and blow your wish into
the wind.