Installation  Overgaden. Chopenhagen. Denmark.1998.

The theme of my installations is the history of Iceland and memory. For the
past six years I have been working with old Icelandic patterns for
needlepoint embroidery, which have been passed down in my family from my
great grandmother. The needlepoint embroideries are a part of my family saga.
The tradition is passing into oblivion. By transferring the old patterns to
a new media in paintings and drawings, they reemerge.

Working with the old patterns, has brought me on to working with patterns
from Jon Einarsson in Skaftafell, an Icelandic farmer in the 18th century.
He published a book of patterns for needlepoint and weaving for the women
in the countryside. The patterns, which have been actively used by
Icelandic women throughout the centuries, will be transferred to the walls
of the gallery, where I\'ll paint them with remazolpaint. They will be
washed off after the exhibition, and only the memory remains. The original
patterns are dissolving and disappearing - here too, only the memory will

The theme for the exhibition in Overgaden is this experience of history,
which dissolves and disappears bit for bit, when everything it relates to
is no longer a part of people\'s everyday life - an installation which
interprets the feeling of tradition and the essense of memory.