North-udstillingssted. Copenhagen. Denmark.  “NU”. 1998.

You can find black sand in Iceland.
Actually you can find more types of sand than you can imagine.

Very few Icelanders think about their varieties of sand other than as an element that ruines the lacquer of the car, the gardens and the trees in autumn- and winterstorms.
In the North Gallery, Steinunn has chosen sand from 5 different places in Iceland: Skalavik, Budir, Reykjanes, Raudholar and Kirkjubaejarklaustur.

The sand was gathered in the period 1992-1998.
In all the years while Steinunn was collecting sand, she noticed how the colour of the land characterizes the country. Often we are blind to the things we treat most confidentially.
The artistic choice of Icelandic sand as medium stems from Steinunn\'s strong relation to the country where she no longer lives.