We wish you all Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Dear brothers and sisters!

13 Feb 2010

Now is the time to divert our focus a little, but not entirely, from bees to a new project. We are in December and this month, we think it would be good to focus on all Nature Kingdoms and Love to them and each other.

I want to share those thoughts with you, as I have, about life here on Earth now in this beautiful love month of December 2008.

All children, young and old are looking forward to this month. Christmas which allows us to be with our nearest and we must not forget the small gifts and thoughts that flow to us. Christmas is the time for joy, joy when we sometimes spend a few moments to send a little thought to our uncles, cousins and friends here and there in the world.

We're writing a little Christmas card to John or Rachel, or others. The moment we sit and write to one or the other, something is happening that is so beautiful and wonderful, we send energy with love to the person we are thinking about at the moment.

We send loving energy, intentional or unintentional, on inner plans out into the world.
We make Christmas gifts for Tom or Christian, or Eva, or to others we know, and the minute we do that, stream of love goes on the inner plans.

Love is Christ, Buddha, Allah, or what we choose to call the wonderful Love Energy in the Universe.
We send Love when we pack the presents, making or creating small gifts for friends and our family.
We send Love and Light
from heart
to heart
to heart.
As we send this Loving Energy, is there something so beautiful and wonderful, it all happens at the inner plans, but experienced in life on the outer plans, as well being, happy and in harmony here on Earth in December month.

The flow of Love from heart to heart all over the world, connecting us with each other in a powerful Love Field.

Not everyone is as lucky as others, not everyone gets a small gift, or a small card or just a beautiful thought, but everyone gets a part of the Loving Energy, which flows in the world to the other, than them.

Or they enjoy each a beautiful little thought, which are sent out in the Universe.

This month is wonderful in many ways, although grief and despair also is a part of it, like all other months of the year. But sadness and joy are as sisters, who hold in each other's hand through life cycles, one cant be without the other.

When we are so lucky to be part of
The Mother Earth, and the Universe, we must remember our little brothers and sisters from the Natural world that sacrifice themselves for us in these days, as other days.

We benefit from their sacrifices, in one-way or another. The food we eat with pleasure, we dress us in the finest clothes.
We love them and we use them for many different purposes.
We can't imagine the world without them.

I would like to invite you on a little journey!

Close your eyes, just a few moments:
See the Earth in your inner space; see the earth with all the lives on the planet.

Let the image fly over
clouds and sky,
the sky in all rainbow-colored,
Mineral Kingdom, which holds the earth together in harmony and make the Earth to the point where we humans can develop ourselves and to live on.

See now,
bushes and marine plants
all of the Plant Kingdom, which help to be able to survive and develop us here on Earth.

Focus now on the Animal Kingdom,
with all the beauty it has.
We are now seeing in our inner eye,
animals in the rain forest,
on the plains,
in the sea,
in the sky.
We see the pets in its owner's loving arms, an exchange of love flowing between them and are designed to help both the owner and the animal on its development path.
We see farm animals in the stable;
pigs and chickens.

We see them not as units, or money, we see them as living creatures, which is on its own development path, just as we are on our own.
We see them as part of Mother Earth, as part of us, as part of life.
We see the joy and sadness as we are allowed to see in our relationships with them.
Joy and sorrow, which is designed to help us in our development path here on Earth.
The animals that are part of the Divine Plan, just as we are.

We see the new pictures in our inner eye.
We see the Earth without animals
the sea is quiet,
plain is empty,
no sound of birds in the sky,
no pets to love, that warmth so many people.
What does it mean for us humans?
No meat, no milk, no flies or birds that pollinate our flowers and trees. But it is just a small part of everything they do for us humans.
If we, give us a little time to think about the importance of animals and plants on our lives here on Earth.

Can we human beings live on Mother Earth without Animal, Plant or Mineral kingdoms?

We see a new image: We see the Earth just as before, with all that life on Earth, but no humanity!

How would it be, perhaps better than it is today? But I think that the laws of nature and the Divine Plan would have us together here on Earth, to take care of each other, and to develop ourselves together.

We must be there for each other in respect and love. But the question is whether we can do better than we have done until now?

We have an opportunity to make a small difference, a little help for our little brothers and sisters.
It is actually the same as we do when we welcome a friend, or send a Christmas card, or just a postcard, or an email, to a friend, family, and strangers.

When we enjoy our meal, it can be meat or fish, vegetables or possibly water or just something different, so we close our eyes in a second.
From our hearts we send a little thought to it, who have sacrificed themselves for us, so we can enjoy this meal and to survive here on Earth.

We send the small thanks, which is:
Thank you for your sacrifice for me!

Love and Light to all life!