UN climate summit will take place in Copenhagen in

UN climate summit will take place in Copenhagen in

13 Feb 2010

The conference aims to reach agreement on a new environmental treaty.

This conference is very important and may affect how the future looks for all life on earth.
This is a very important meeting for the world, but one thing is what the nations choose to do, what is also important is what each of us does in our daily life dealing with natural motives the best we can.

There is a small thing that each and everyone of us can do. It can be the biggest change for nature kingdoms and all cooperation.

It is important that we look further than we normally do and start with what is around us. Here, in our daily life, I believe we can make a difference if we are aware that we are dealings with the nature kingdoms.

For common people it can be too much. Focusing on what is happening in other countries, other cities or just with our neighbors. What is realistic ? What can we do that will affect life on Earth?

We can make a difference in the development on Earth looking at our own actions dealing with animals, plants and minerals, and each other. This consciousness will take care of our own life and take responsibility for al life on Earth with more personal motivations and emotions.

We have to look at this from a deeper level than we have done before. Now we experience environmental threats that bring fear in of our personal life. It is not the best motive to take responsibility for life around us.

Propaganda is not a permanent move and doesn´t have the long-term effects that are necessary to maintain good behavior and respect for animals and nature.
We need to become conscious of the importance of all life on earth, not on the surface, as we do now, but deep into our inner core to understand that everything is connected and that we are a part of all life on Earth. All is One.
Love is the strongest element, this we all understand. And apart from love, we can with a simple idea make a major effort for the other kingdoms. Energy follows thought.

In our daily live we have an influence on all nature kingdoms, because they are a part of our everyday life in many different ways.

As an example, I can mention how important ones thoughts are. Dr. Masaru Emoto is one of the scientists who have opened new doors where science and spirit merge in his research. This will mean a leap in the way we perceive the world and in the way we relate to the planets health. (See:;
Dr. Emoto discovered that water affected by loving words and loving thoughts shows beautiful displays and snowflake patterns. While water exposed to negative thoughts, forms incomplete, asymmetrical patterns.

It is significant that Dr. Emoto shows how water absorbs, retains and even conveys human emotions and thoughts. Emoto believes that since both people and the earth consists of about 70 percent water, we can heal our planet and ourselves by consciously expressing love and good intentions.

How does our thought affect the world? What does the ideas we have on nature on flowers, trees, and us in our gardens, do, which are so vital to all life on Earth? How about sending loving thoughts and gratitude when we go around them, or when we drink water or bathe in the sea. It does more than we realize.
Here I will focus on our relationship with animals and how we, in a very simple way, can help the animal kingdom in its development on Earth. What impacts do our thoughts have when we are with the animals or think of them? How can we, in our daily life, help them in their development?

With a little story I will give a simple example of how we can make a difference.

I will share with you an experience I had two years ago. Then Love assured me that believing life is bigger than what I can see here and now, I have influence on life and death and how one I love, went into another dimension.
Many have experienced losing a pet. Some take without many emotions, while many of us find it very painful. We hear about the fate of many animals because of difficulties in different situations in the world. Many move from their homes because of economic difficulties. In these situations one easy can forget the responsibility to the animals. This responsibility can cause a decision weather an animal should live or die.

We once had a dog, the first dog of the family, and she was very dear to us all. She was a part of the family. She was called Idunn, and came to us in 1996.

She got old and sick. We could not take the decision to let her die. But at last there was no way around, she suffered too much, and we had to take the responsibility that follows an animal.

Our vet Jens and the family decided how the process could be as painless as possible for Idunn. We agreed that she should die in our home, where she felt comfortable. We agreed that Jens would come when all family members were gathered.
The very day was both a beautiful day and day of pain. We gave ourselves time for a trip with Idunn, the route she walked for almost every day in 13 years.

We had breakfast together, we were all nervous about what was going to happen, but that was inevitable. After breakfast, we sat in the living room around Idunn´s mattress. We sat each in our own thoughts focused on Idunn who lay half asleep, but still aware what was happening around her.

Without saying anything, we started to meditate. I can only describe my experience, but I know that I was not alone in this experience.

It is important for me to share this experience with you. It gives a new picture of the possibilities to make a painful process become a beautiful and hopeful experience.
I felt at the beginning peace and reconciliation. I enjoyed the feeling after some difficult months with Iduns disease, which had a great influence on our daily life. I focused my thoughts into Idunn. I could feel contact with something inside her. It was something I had not experienced before through our years together. It was like something deeper and very present, as an amalgamation of thoughts and energy have melted into our minds.

I maintained this contact for a while and the feeling was wonderful. I initially began to communicate with a vital energy from Idunn´s core. I thought deep gratitude and love for her and I thanked her for the life we had together.

I thanked her for being a part of it, which had helped me on my pathway.

I saw her relax and I knew that she was ready for what should occur.
I kept this picture in mind for a while

Suddenly I discovered that the air lit up around her. I heard the faint sound of tones in the room. I sensed a kind of energy around her, some calls it angels, I call it love energy. I saw that this energy was ready to receive the core of Idunn in another dimension. I was deeply grateful to be a witness of this moment.
I am sure the animals have a kind of heaven, when their time on Earth is through.

I found that she was ready to pass on to something else and so I was ready to let her go.

I opened my eyes and looked at my family, and just at that time the sun shone in through the windows and the whole room was bathed in sunlight. It was the last message from Idunn to us all.

The veterinarian came soon after and gave her an injection in the heart, and after a moment she was gone.

I knew she was received in thee other dimension.

I also knew that the decision to help her leave a life of pain was the right decision. It was a decision taken in love and respect for Idunn.

The most important thing is to have respect for life around us. We need not always look so far away to make a difference.

To show life around us, people, animals and plants, respect and gratitude for all they do for us, to desire good for all that is the first step to save the planet.

Steinunn Helga Sigurdardóttir